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LFS Trawl has long been a leader in trawl design. We build trawls for any application: deep water, shallow water, or anywhere in between, custom made for your specific application. LFS Trawl serves it's customers by constantly working to develop new and more effective trawls. Our nets are built by skilled technicians with the strongest, most efficient materials available, and our follow-up customer service is second to none.

The combination of state of the art design tools and research in test tanks has been key to the advancement of our trawl designs. The information that is gathered helps to create and push forward new ideas that improve trawl efficiency.

Customer Service is Second to None.
With trained technicians and a little bit of room, LFS Trawl can repair nets of any size and get the customer back onto the fishing grounds. With a facility and accommodating repair yard in Bellingham, a net truck in Akutan, and a store and support in Dutch Harbor, customers can be confident their needs are taken care of. LFS Trawl repair capabilities also have the added advantage of our pelagic trawl net truck. We have the power and mobility to help customers whenever and wherever we are needed.

The LFS Trawl design team also offers extensive customer support aboard your vessel. This provides a way for us to further our research as well as make sure our customers are satisfied their gear is working to full expectations. If that means going to sea with you, we will be there.

Choosing a Net Design: A Look at the MKG & SWG
Choosing the net design for your specific application can be very challenging. Water depth, areas fished, species fished, and desired catch volume are just a few of the important aspects to consider when having a trawl designed for your vessel.

Whether deep water, shallow water, or anywhere in between; carpet sign, salt and pepper or midwater bands, LFS Trawl has the very best design experience to offer. With many decades of actual fishing experience, combined with advanced technologies such as flume tanks and CAD systems, the LFS Trawl design team will design the best trawl for your needs


Cod Ends
At LFS Trawl we custom design every cod end to the specifics of the vessel it is built for. Every deck has it's own unique standards that differ from the operation of other vessels. Different fishing styles and different applications call for different materials in the construction of the cod end. LFS Trawl has the knowledge and experience to build a cod end to fit your needs.

Dyneema® Rigging
For more than 10 years, LFS Trawl has been offering Dyneema® to replace the combersome and twist-inherent wire for use as bridles. The lighter material combined with the "Gerilink", a load transfer device designed and patented by LFS Trawl, reduces the weight in a bridle system as well as makes setting and hauling easy and quick. There is no need to take out twists that would occur in the wore bridle system.

Cost Analysis of Dyneema® Bridles
The issue of cost needs to be evaluated over a given time period rather than initial cost. Of course, the Dyneema® Bridle system is an initial cost of 2.5 times that of wire rigging. However, the product's actual service life has been up to 4 times that of wire rigging. Some of the items that are eliminated are the swivels, extra flatlinks and G-Hooks, many hammerlocks, and Kelly Eyes. Elimination of these items also contributes to the reduced weight of the rigging system as seen in the table below.

Wire Rope: A Specialty at LFS Trawl
Full wire shops in Bellingham and Dutch Harbor give our customers on-site service. With a 500-ton Esco press in both locations, LFS Trawl can offer its customers a wide variety of products and service to take care of all your wire fabrication needs.

Perhaps the most important part of your fishing system is your confidence in your main wire. LFS Trawl is one of the largest importers of Dyform Trawl warps in the country. Dyformed wire gives you a superior wear and abrasion resistance, which increases the strength and life of the wire. The Dyform process starts with the individual wires being extruded oval shaped rather than round. The strands are then wound into the wire rope itself. LFS Trawl has experience outfitting vessels of all sizes with the quality of product that is needed to assure a successful season.

Polymax Netting: Maximizing the Life of Your Trawl
With technology changing so fast you often wonder what will be the next "Super-twine"? Traditions were shattered when netting changed from cotton to nylon and later to polyethylene. They then became more expensive with the introduction of Dyneema. So what does the future hold? It's here right now with the new Poly Max Netting.

A netting manufacturer located in Spain introduced LFS Trawl to their new high strength polyethylene netting several years ago and from the moment we started using it, we were impressed. With high strength, durability, and a reasonable price, LFS Trawl believes Poly Max has a bright future.

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